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A large, furry brown bear in a wildlife
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Church of Holy Salvation in Prizren - Ko
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About us

Exploration is empty without Discovery

Some of the most memorable moments are those that allow you to discover new sights, sounds, smells, tastes and different ways of living. Discoveries like these allow you to view the world from a new perspective. You don't need to reach the North Pole or the top of Mount Everest for that. 

We are an expert team of guides and 'Kosovo' experts who love to host visitors. Inquisitive and storytellers by nature, we have a contagious enthusiasm for sharing our knowledge and hidden gems. 

Building on our knowledge of the countries hidden history, culture, politics and geography, we pulled on our people network spanning the entire country. In doing so we are able to offer a very unique and exciting experience.


We don't offer tourism as many know it, rather we provide you with a privileged opportunity to experience life through the lens of others.  

Our mixed Kosovar and British team originally sparked a chemistry whilst serving with the United Nations, NATO, and the Kosovo Security Forces.   Put simply, they know their way around Kosovo! 

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All Year ¦ All Weather ¦ Explorations For All Sorts of People 

We offer one and two week packages for groups that can be adjusted to your own special interests if requested. To keep the experience as personal as possible, we advise that group sizes are no bigger than 20 people. A sample is outlined below.

Rural Culture

Day 1 

Whether you're learning to make Kosovo brandy (Rakia), herding and milking cattle, jiving hand-in-hand in a traditional circle dance, or eating lunch at a farmhouse we will set the scene for you to  submerse yourself fully into Kosovo's rich rural culture. Did you know Kosovo is home to Albanian, Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Turkish, Roma, Egyptian, Macedonian to list just a few of the communities? - you'll visit and meet with individuals from each of them. 

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Food and Drink

Day 2

Food and drink lay at the very heart of Kosovo's traditions. Some say the culinary experiences in Kosovo are simply divine. A Mediterranean climate, organic and fresh ingredients are just a part of the secret formula that makes for some of the best 'traditional' food and wine in the Balkans.

Mountains, Lakes and Waterfalls

Day 3

Kosovo is encircled by mountains. The valleys that fall from them are home to spectacular waterfalls and lakes. Frozen in winter, but most can't resist jumping in for a dip during the summer. Mountain-biking, hiking, camping, skiing, log fires and outdoor cooking are a must. For those who are less energetic, we will take you to the top in one of our vehicles for a lunch with a view worth remembering!

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City Culture

Day 4 

Pristina is the capital and home to over 200,000 people, but the dozen or so smaller towns are also packed with many vibrant activities. Aside from the sprawling cobbled streets and spiderweb networks of cafes, bars, art galleries and shopping arcades, there are many fascinating architectural wonders  and monuments each with their own story. Did you know that the 'macchiato' is widely considered to be the best-in-the-world?


Day 5

Many visitors and residents alike are often heard saying how history is being written every day in Kosovo. Many wars, and many rulers have dominated the land and its people over the centuries. The countries fight for independence was gained in 2008 - making Kosovo the one of the youngest in the world.

Church of Holy Salvation in Prizren - Ko
A large, furry brown bear in a wildlife


Day 6

You probably didn't know that the Brown Bear is native to Kosovo. They share the land with wolves, boar, lynx and deer, with hawks, eagles and vultures circling above. Fishing is very popular in Kosovo and local restaurateurs are usually the best source of local intelligence on hot-spots.

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Special Days

Groups can also select to create their own personalised experienced by selecting activities from the following list

Mountain Biking and Hiking

North, East, West or South, there are hundreds of mountain walks and rides for all levels of fitness and experience. Our experienced mountain guides will lead you to some of the most beautiful parts of the country.

Camping, Survival Training and Range Shooting. 

Your instructors are highly trained military experts who will show you how to survive in the harshest of conditions - even if its a warm and sunny day that ends with a 5* BBQ! Safe and controlled open and closed range shooting can also be organised by our experienced and qualified firearms instructors. 

Winery Tour

With a perfect climate and soil for vines and grapes to flourish, Kosovo has been bottling wine for centuries. Unlike other tourists, we'll offer you the insiders experience allowing you to get your hands and lips on some of the best wine the country has to offer.

Chef Experience

Think you can cook? Come and find out if you have what it takes to learn from our bests chefs. We'll lock the doors and take over the entire restaurant and together with our team you'll host a feast to remember.

Brewery Tour

Our brewery tour is a fun and relaxing way to end a weeks adventure. For those of you who want to know, we can show you how beer is made and you'll be able to test the product as we move through the process.


The Marble Caves are located a short drive from the capital city of Pristina. Originally discovered by a farmer digging in his garden, the cave, which contains its own lake, is estimated be 20 million years old.

Quad Biking

A one of a kind 4x4 adventure where your off-road driving skills will be put to the test. For beginners through to the advanced, you'll be certain to have a memorable experience.

The Kosovo War

The Kosovo War of 1999 was short, violent and changed the political landscape of the entire Balkan region. From a peacekeeping perspective it is considered to be one of the most successful operations of all time. As former UN, NATO and Kosovo Security Force personnel, your guides have first hand experience and can show you another hidden side of the country that is now an important part of global history.

Coffee Barrister

Coffee connoisseurs will spend time with our macchiato masters learning the tricks of their trade. Many have commented that coffee in Kosovo is up there with Italy - come and find out why.

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Ali Haxhimustafa

Founder ¦ Explorer 


Chris Jagger

Founder ¦ Explorer

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